The topic of leadership in times of rapidly changing contexts was the theme of George Savvides' presentation to the Christian Schools National Business Conference in Melbourne. Principals and Registrars of schools find themselves leading large and complex organisations with high touch stakeholder environments including students, parents and community. The vortex of administrative, staff and commercial pressures leaves little time for Principals to devote the necessary time to be the visible, passionate voice of the mission and purpose of their school. Leaders with their lead team play an important role in shaping the identity and character of their institution, which now more than ever needs a strong articulation of WHY they exit and the quality and depth of character they seek to influence the lives of the pupils placed under their instruction. 

In this presentation, George tackled the methodology that he used in his own leadership transformation assignments, pointing out the parallels that organisations face and the role that leaders have in shaping their organisational destiny.  

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