Stephen Bracken

All businesses are faced with a major dilemma.

Customers have disengaged. The latest Gallup research shows that only 19% of people have confidence in big business. That's the lowest number since 1970. That probably means many of your customers have stopped listening.

Staff are disengaged as well. Again, Gallup research shows us that over 70% of staff are not connected to their firm's purpose, don't know what their brand stands for, and don't believe they impact its success or failure. Your people have stopped believing in the cause.

And strategy can't help.

All organisations need a well thought through strategy to direct their efforts and resources to best effect. Strategy sets out the 'game plan' - it's vital. But people don't engage with strategy. It doesn't lift the heart or connect with passion. It ignores the fact that we are rationalising beings, driven by belief, purpose and emotion much more than rational thought.

That's where story comes in.

Story transforms strategy, bringing it to life in a compelling narrative that engages, aligns and empowers. It creates a framework into which people can invest their purpose, beliefs and support. It connects an organisation's vision with its mission and its strategy. Its much more than brand or culture. It is the opportunity to create a single, powerful narrative that aligns and drives customer experience, organisational culture and brand promise. And that makes for very powerful engagement with your customers and your people.

Why story?

Stories help us make meaning of the world and bring order to the chaos around us. They provide structure and direction. Our brains are wired to respond best to narrative that frames and connects cause and effect.

And stories based on ideals are the secret to effective enaggement. They unlock the discretionary power that is powering growth at the world's leading companies. In a study of over 50,000 brands, those focused on the ideal ofn improving people's lives outgrew and outperformed their competitors. That's the sort of 'stare you in the face' data you just can't ignore.

Story is the new art of winning. But of course it is much more than just story telling ...