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The Bureau of Meteorology is Australia’s national weather, climate and water information agency and one of the leading met agencies in the world. It provides critical environmental intelligence across government, industry and to the broader community.

Business challenge:

The Bureau was facing deep challenges of reducing risk to the fragile and aging ICT environment that underpinned its role as core national infrastructure and threatened its ability to live out its purpose of protecting and helping Australia prosper. The Bureau of Meteorology engaged Sodia as part of its ambitious transformation over the next five years to ensure it was future-fit with the right leadership, capabilities and culture to address current and future trends and opportunities. The Bureau required a partner to implement a leader-led cultural transformation in the way people in the Bureau needed to think, act and behave.

How we worked:

  • Sodia worked with the award-winning Chief Information Officer and Information and Communications Technology Division to support the Bureau through:
  • Deep immersion into the business resulting in the crafting of a Strategic Narrative to inform organisational change communication and equip leaders with key messaging
  • Co-creation of a integrated Engagement and Communications Strategy to enlist the leaders and people of the Bureau
  • Implementation of the integrated, leader-led staff engagement and communications programme to support the culture change necessary within the Information Technology Division and various transformation programme objectives
  • Development of a strategic communications framework and coordination of creative execution of change communications supporting the culture change initiatives


  • Sodia’s work within ICT became the forerunner of a whole of organisation five year transformation strategy and operating model redesign.
  • Sodia’s engagement set a new standard in the Bureau for leadership alignment, effectiveness and communication.