St Vincent's Health Australia (SVHA) is one of the oldest and most respected health care providers in Australia. For over 150 years they have been compelled by the vision of their founder to care for the poor and vulnerable. Today SVHA is Australia’s largest Catholic not for profit health and aged care provider with 14 hospitals, 14 aged care facilities and co-located research institutes.

However they faced enormous challenges in a sector faced with soaring costs and demand, ever rising compliance standards and constantly evolving technology and community expectations. To best meet these challenges a totally new corporate structure was created along with a comprehensive new 10 year strategy. Sodia's role was to help bring this strategy to life in the hearts, minds and hands of their staff, patients and stakeholders – lifting hearts, aligning thinking, empowering actions and helping sustain ongoing change.

This was all built around the creation of a compelling strategic narrative that linked the past with the future and created a clear focus around their mission – inviting everyone associated with SVHA to ‘serve, see and strive for something greater.’

These themes have became the pillars for all brand, culture and strategy development - directly driving internal and external communications, as well as leadership development and staff engagement.