We work with the executive team and senior leadership on a wide range of projects focused around organisational transformation, team alignment, purpose alignment and overall corporate narrative.

Our work with Medibank has covered:

- Working with senior leaders and executives to clarify the integration of their Professional and Personal Visions, and the recalibrations required to maximise both  personal satisfaction and professional impact.

- Assisting leaders to create alignment with their teams around their leadership, and identifying the team recalibrations necessary for aligning expectations of team membership, team behaviour and team operating rhythm.

- Working with key teams to increase collaboration, resolve challenges, develop shared visions, and recalibrate roles and contributions as required.

- Working with teams facing external changes to help them focus on the key priorities related to those challenges.

- Working with executives new to the leadership team – helping them assimilate, create a shared vision and gain a clear understanding of their specific role and contribution.