Hawthorn Football Club (HFC) is one of Australia's highest profile and successful sporting organisations, and winner of the AFL premiership in 2013.

Seeking to embed a high performance culture into the future the project sought to define, articulate and project the very essence of their spirit and culture - to be the first AFL club to enshrine their defining and unique identity as a key driver right across the organisation, from corporate and commercial operations to player performance and team culture.

There were consultations with a wide range of stakeholders (both internal and external), a review of best practice brand propositions of sporting clubs from round the world and the development of a compelling, engaging and comprehensive brand story based around the cornerstone notion of 'Always' that integrated with their business strategy, leveraged their values and helped drive their strategic intent.

Aligning a market leader with its founding narrative and then helping recalibrate it's leadership, senior teams and organisational culture to deliver on its story.