Who we are


Who we are

We help breathe new life into organisations through transforming leaders…

partnering with them to transform their culture to best deliver on their strategy and live their purpose for an extra-ordinary customer experience. We help them unlock high performance by connecting the hearts, aligning the heads and recalibrating the actions of their people.

And that changes everything.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Sodia partners with leaders to discover and articulate their intent and embed the changes necessary to enable that intent.

We work with leaders and teams to articulate their ‘Journey of Change’ narrative that provides a clear, compelling and coherent articulation of both ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ we move from ‘where we are’ to ‘where we aspire to be’ that delivers on their brand promise and fulfils their purpose.

It draws all the key elements of the organisational story together and identifies what is required of everyone for the organisation to succeed.

Sodia Journey of Change

Living the intent

Telling a clear, compelling and coherent narrative of the 'Journey of Change' won’t be enough. The hard work is just beginning.

Sodia partners with leaders and their teams to cascade the narrative, working with divisions, business units and teams to embed the change by recalibrating both 'what' people do and 'how' they do it.

Successful change is about ensuring there is alignment between the story we “tell” (the 'Journey of Change' narrative) and the story we “live” to get there.

Any gap between the “story you tell” and the “story you live” becomes an integrity gap. Your customers will stop listening. Your employees and stakeholders will stop believing.

Find out more about how we can help your team bring your strategy to life.

Sodia Team

Sodia Team

We bring decades of international experience, award winning creative thinking, proven strategic savvy and a deep level of personal commitment to everything we do. Sodia is comprised of renowned specialists working with leading organisations, in Australia and internationally ...

The Why

The Why

The 'why' behind the 'who' and the 'what'

We strongly believe in reclaiming real meaning and purpose for businesses and organisations as the key to a better future, putting substance back into the heart of what they do and why.

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We call it ‘meaning making’.

It is built around deep insights and transforming ideas.

It generates real purpose and belief.

It reconnects and clarifies.

It engages and attracts.

It energises and compels.

It elevates the mundane to the memorable.

It gives reason to our efforts, and links today with the sense of a better tomorrow.

And it makes all our lives more worthwhile. 

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Our name is much more than just a brand mark. It reflects a story of the power of purpose to change lives and the world around us.

The many anonymous craftsmen who worked on the great European cathedrals, that even their grandchildren would not live to see completed, could not have been motivated by recognition or riches. Rather it would have been an abiding sense of purpose, in contributing towards a building in which people could gather and worship for thousands of years.

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Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) is considered one of the greatest western composers of all time. He was both prolific and brilliant. At the bottom of every composition he wrote SDG—Soli deo Gloria, “to God alone the glory.” In the composer’s view, his religious beliefs provided a defining life purpose that drove him to continued excellence.

Accordingly we took the inspiration of ‘Solio deo Gloria’ and used it to form ‘Sodia’ – a recognition of the central role of purpose in leading an extraordinary life.