We work one-on-one with Leaders to facilitate the strategic conversations designed to reacquaint them with their motivations and purpose, to understand their journey so far, where it is they want to get to and the pathways they’ll need to take to get there.

 Services include:

  • One-on-one Senior Leader Visioning sessions to clarify strategic vision/desired legacy/personal purpose/leadership recalibrations
  • Building and sustaining leader and board alignment and engagement to the purpose, vision and strategy of the organisation and recalibrations of roles as necessary
  • Consultations/Research to reveal stakeholder attitudes, gain market insights and understand customer customer/leader/team or organisational behaviours
  • Developing compelling Strategic Narratives for the leader and the organisation from high level business strategy that tell the story of the organisation's heritage,  where it is heading (and why) and what needs to change.